Uma plataforma não muito divulgada, mas muito útil também como portfolio online, por exemplo - neste caso (no meu inclusive), sobretudo, para a fotografia móvel, capturada e/ou editada com a app da VSCo. Na minha página, ou grid, encontrão alguma fotos partilhadas também no meu instagram, e outras que nunca (ou ainda) não lá chegaram - a maior parte deles no seu formato de captura original, sem o crop do insta.
Fica ainda aqui a dica de uma boa, acessível e fácil plataforma de arquivo/divulgação online. Para quem não conhecia, espero que goste. Boas fotos!


Just a reminder that you can also find my work (all mobile photography there) on my VSCo Grid. There you'll find some photos also shared on my instagram (without crop tho) and others that were not shared yet, or will never be perhaps. VSCo is the app I use to capture and/or edit my phone photos.
If you didn't heard about VSCo Grid yet, it is a great, free and easy online platform that you can use to store & share your work.

xx, S.

~ P R I M A V E R A ~ S O U N D ~

Sigur Rós, day 1
chilling & listening to Cass McCombs, day 2
Brian Wilson preforming Pet Sounds, day 2
Savages soundcheck, Brian Wilson and Beach House, day 2
Chairlift, day 3
Battles, day 3
(all iPhone pics)

First of all, sorry for the long post. But truth be told, this was one of a hell good edition of Primavera Sound, here in Porto (Portugal). I've been attending this festival every year since 2012 but this 5th edition was too good - as in terms of music, as in its organization and ambience/show. 
As you can notice for the 3 pics in a row above, Sigir Rós was magical. I had been for this show for a long time and it did not disappointed me. It was magical. Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds was completely heart-warming and such an honor to see it live. Savages, Beach House, Chairlift, Battles and Explosions In The Sky were my fav as well, loved them all. And not forgetting Dinosaur Jr, PJ Harvey, Deerhunter and Wild Nothing. 
As for that pretty lime-yellow beast above (Hard Rock Cafe's merchandise car) it completely stole my heart. Also, there was a new area this year specially for food trailers/vans, loved the idea. 
The high score this year, in my opinion, goes to the eco-cups introduced this year. It was very pleasant to see the park as clean as possible at all the time and (almost) no cups on the grass/ground (it failed on the expresso cups tho).
A bonus for the flowers everywhere once again this year - managed to get there earlier for the last 2 days a did not had to wait in a huuuge row for my 2 flower crowns, one for each day. 

You can see more or less of the same photos in my instagram, too.
And check this video from Canal 180 for Vogue PT were I show up (00:11): NOS Primavera Sound Dia 1: Street Style

See you next year, Primavera 


Curia ft. a 90's auto-focus cam

Curia (Portugal),  feb. 2016 - 35mm

From our Valentines' day trip to  Curia, an historic (and so cute!) thermal village, with Fabio's grandpa's old camera. I didn't had the opportunity to snap that much with it 'cause I only took one roll of film with me and I think Fabio really enjoyed his first experience with it 'cause he almost didn't let go of the camera, wanting to snap almost everything during our small weekend trip - it was very lovely tho. 

Shades of Purple


A touch of spring. 
From last sunday's stroll at the park -  just love these colors! 
It has been raining since last week, but I love as well all these moody weather changes...

Have a great week!

I N S T A M E E T x Casa da Música


Na manhã do passado Domingo alguns membros da comunidade de instagramers juntaram-se ao Igers do Porto para mais um meet. Desta vez na famosa Casa da Música, no Porto, obviamente. Deixo-vos com algumas das fotos que tirei no dia - as minhas preferidas. Podem ainda ver as publicações dos restante participantes em #igersdoporto_casadamusica, no Instagram.

On sunday morning some members of our local instagram community met on our famous Casa da Música (house of music), in Porto - an instameet promoted by Igers of Porto
Here are some of the pictures I captured that day, my favorites. You can see the others members's posts under #igersdoporto_casadamusica, on Instagram.

~ Instagram: @sofiamottaa ~



B R A N C A by Sofia Motta on Vimeo

Pequeno documentário que pretende retratar a forma como a minha avó, Branca, com demência, está perante a vida: todos os dias são iguais, o tempo parece não passar e a memória só relembra o que a gente não lembra mais.
Esta foi das minhas primeiras experiências em vídeo e a primeira no âmbito documental, sendo o primeiro em trabalho do género com a qual me sinto minimamente confortável em partilhar.


A short documentary film that showcases the way that my grandmother, Branca, spends her days. With dementia, her mind and memory are always playing tricks - everything and every day feels the same and time seems to have stopped.
Only the Past remains.
This was my very first experience related to video documenting and my first video experience that I feel some how confident to share.

Documentário académico para a UC Documentário do Mestrado em Multimédia (FBAUP-FEUP)
Academic documentary for Documentary Film subject (FBAUP-FEUP)